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Welcome To The Crab Shack!
Hermit Crabs Are Very Similar To Keeping Box Turtles Believe It Or Not.


A Quick Summary Of How I Became A Crab-Keeper.

Several years ago, like most people, I first learned of hermit crabs during a trip to a pet store. Too often people impulse-buy and bring a box of Hermit Crabs home without first learning the proper care and expenses.

Before I even think about buying a pet, I research if keeping the animal fits my life style and budget. If I feel I could take care of it, I research some products before making a shopping list, than hit the stores, buying the cage and accessories. (I like to save up first and buy only the best! Yes, even for simple pets like Hermit Crabs!)

I think everyone should do this, both parents and children. Impulse buying is never a good thing, you should always look into it first and decide if an animal, big or small, can live happy and healthy in you or your child's care. Plus, its fun to learn about animals, and before you know it, your an expert!

Getting back on topic here, I learned that Hermit Crabs are about the same as Box Turtles. They eat the same foods, same substance, environment, and they both have shells! Lol but seriously, keeping hermit crabs seemed very low maintenance, and they keep me company when hibernation time rolls around.




"Purchase Pets, NOT VICTIMS!"